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C2A Enterprise, Registered in Quito, Ecuador, is the best source for Native American Indian pipes supply.

native indian cannabis leaf pipe

We sell artesanal pipes of different types online. You can purchase pipes and to choose them per unit in our web shop

If you would like to make a wholesale order, let us know and we make you unbetable bulk offer for buying of pipes.

You can buy pipes with animals of different types, ornaments of Native Indian culture, pipes with rasta and cannabis leaf.

The smoking pipes were always very important part of Indian culture and art, and pipes is the product people always ready to buy. Dont miss your chance, improve your business with real artisanal American pipes from Ecuador.

We work directly with Native Indian artisans and we offer quality pipe product for unbeatable lowest prices. You can order just few examples and evaluate the quality yourself. Pipes are perfect product for business and personal use, as well as it is the perfect gift. Order wholesale bulk online pipe catalog and choose models you would like to buy now.

We also sell many artesanal products you can see at our website

We accept paypal, bank wires, credit card payments and Western Union. We send orders worldwide.

For fast shipping you can order delivery with FEDEX, pay their bulk rates, and receive pipes only within few days.

View photos and more detailed description of specific types of pipes: duropox pipes; bamboo pipes; wooden pipes; glass pipes; curve pipes; small pipes; tagua pipes

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